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Mon-Fri: from Noon til 9pm

Saturday: 10am til 5pm

Sunday: Noon til 5pm

 Please Note: On Sunday, November 5th, there will be Very Limited open Range Time due to our November Warm-Up Tournament.  Please call in advance to check estimated availability.

Upcoming Events

WinterJOAD Session To Begin in January

The 2018 Winter JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Youth Program is scheduled to begin the week of January 8th.

With the largest JOAD program in the United States, Hall's Arrow offers one of the nations most comprehensive archery programs, catering to every archer, from beginners shooting their very first arrow, to some of the top-ranked young archers in the country.

For more information on our program, please click the JOAD link on the top of this page.  There you will find our latest flyer, providing all of the information you need to get your child started.  

Deer Hunting Season begins September 15th in CT

Need to get your bow ready for the upcoming hunting season?  Whether you need Set-Up & Installs, Tuning, Sizing, Adjustments, or Repairs, our experienced staff of Bow Technicians can help you with problems that many of the big "Box Stores" can't. And remember, Service Charges are Free for Bows purchased at Hall's, with only a mimimal fee required for bows purchased elsewhere.